Philharmonic orchestra Monte Carlo in Slovakia


video – Filharmonický orchester Monte Carlo – Bratislavské hudobné slávnosti

Within the frame of cultural bilateral cooperation, we have had the honor to welcome the Philharmonic orchestra Monte Carlo in the premises of Slovak Philharmonic. Evening concert, within the 51st Bratislava Music Festival, was held under the auspices of Prince Albert II of Monaco with the support and cooperation of Honorary Consulate of Monaco in Slovakia which is successfully operated since 2013.

Bratislava was transformed into little Monaco as regards music area. Visitors of BMF experienced a unique collaboration. Slovak Philharmonic and Philharmonic orchestra Monte Carlo entered the stage together. Approximately 52 musicians and 70 members choir created a perfect combination. Both ensembles were preparing at their own country, however few days before the concert, they played Mozart and Rossini together. Hosting of orchestra was also supported by Friends of Philharmonic orchestra of Monte Carlo.

During the concert, the Philharmonic orchestra of Monte Carlo with Slovak philharmonic choir presented as one musical ensemble playing Stabat Mater, the Rossini’s most famous work.

Monte Carlo’s Philharmonic orchestra regularly collaborates with major festivals around the world and records for top french publishers thus brought them several awards of trade press.

Orchestra artistic profile is to maintain its tradition and authenticity.

Orchestra is administered by Monaco’s Hereditary Princess Caroline of Hannover. Thanks to the active support of the Monaco’s Government, the Orchestra actively participates in the public life of the principality.

Keeping good relations between the Principality of Monaco and the Slovak Republic is one of the elementary tasks of the Honorary Consulate, which are derived from the visions of cooperation on the political, economic and cultural basis.